Strengthening Higher Education in the Water Sector for Climate Resilience and Security in Central Asia

General objectives

The overall objective of the project is to support the relevance, quality, modernization and responsiveness of MA/MSc curricula on water governance and water diplomacy offered by HEIs of Central Asian countries.

The project will help partner universities to establish conditions for the training of a new generation of managers and decision-makers for the water sector of Central Asia, including water diplomats, who can help resolve problems accumulated in the last three decades and effectively address new challenges, in particular climate change and water stress, through fostering cross-disciplinary, cross-sector and crosscountry dialogues. The project will build capacities needed to promote and implement integrated water resources management, as well as adaptive water governance, strengthen regional cooperation and achieve more effective mobilization and utilization of private investment and international assistance.

Specific objectives

The updating of existing or the development of new curricula for Central Asian universities to facilitate the training of a new generation of water governance experts and water diplomats, with support by DA MFA KR, Corvinus University Budapest (CUB) as Associated Partner, in cooperation with IHE Delft (IHEDELFT), the University of Bergamo (UB), Kazakh-German University (DKU) and the University of Reims (URCA), would offer significant benefits in water management.

The revised or new teaching materials would present the problems and interests of every country in a balanced way and describe in a convincing manner the advantages of innovative green approaches and regional cooperation on water…

Project consortium